Gedcom with latitude and longitude not importing in RM8

This is the same thing I see.

Hello everyone,
@Familyvisser: I’m sorry you feel the same way. On the other hand, it confirms that the fault is not with me / the user and the technology, but with the technical requirements of the software.
Geocoordination in particular is never unproblematic in many software. It becomes easy wherever it is possible to name the location yourself via an interface.

Specifically with RM, this would be an example: To display the location via the coordinates in the map window at the top right, but to determine it via the OpenStreetMap and / or Google Maps interface and thus adopt the coordinates. Other providers do better in this regard. Why RM takes this more difficult route in programming than via a direct interface, of course I cannot understand.

I haven’t been able to solve the problem yet. I tried the following solutions yesterday:

→ RM8 completely uninstalled.
→ Where leftovers were deleted by hand. Also in the AppData folder
→ Run CCleaner several times, also clean the registry and use the “regedit” command to check whether there are still file caches to be removed. I had just recently read in a Gedcom file and had not yet processed it in RM. So it wasn’t a problem that the file was no longer there.
→ Then, following Microsoft’s instructions, I had a comprehensive check to see if there were any errors in the Windows system files. That was not the case. Updates were all available.
→ PC restart and reinstallation of RM. Here I did not use my second drive (D.//…), as with all other software, but as an exception the system drive C: // …).
→ Comprehensive malware and virus check.

None of that helped. The fact that I cannot enter geocoordination myself is very unsatisfactory with all the other advantages.

So far, the support has not contacted me either. It would certainly be helpful if other users with the same problem as Familyvisser submit a support request so that this real problem is taken seriously and not dismissed as an individual case.
Otherwise I will work without geo-coordinating the location for the time being - or use a second different software.
Best regards from the Hamburg region

Hi Tom,
From what I understand, you and I have the same problem. It is a small comfort to see that I am not the only one. I am in contact with support, but so far they have been unable to replicate the problem and therefore don’t know what to do. I am trying to set up a digital meeting with them to show them the problem. I can keep you updated on the progress here, unless you have already solve the issue?

PS! using MacBook Pro, Monterey OS and RM 8.1.00

I think this is a problem with RM that has always existed and that is it does not respect or accept Regional settings other than those that use “.” as the decimal symbol and “,” as the digit grouping symbol. The response you are likely going to get from RM Inc is to switch your Regional Settings to “English (United States)”. That probably won’t help you with your existing GEDCOM but will with data entry. Assuming your other software can export GEDCOM according to the new Regional setting, then a fresh GEDCOM from it should fare better on import.

The developers have had decades to get this right (at least one, anyway) so I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will be fixed in RM8.

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Thanks, my regional setting is Norwegian, so that may explain it then.
I won’t hold my breath, but will take the meeting with them if they offer.

I changed my language setting from Norwegian to English (US) and I can finally manually enter the Latitude and Longitude. Thank you so much. It took you 1 min to sort out something that it sounds like RM support have never heard about. Makes me wonder.
This should not be hard to fix, if they wanted to.
Thank again, at least now I have a workaround.
Appreciate your help

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Hello everyone, that with the language settings is new to me. I installed it like this and imported my Gedcom files. They come from Ancestry Germany. Where I might change the settings, as named by TomH and successfully done by Olav, I just couldn’t find that.
After all: At least I found the settings for FamilySearch, Ancestry Germany and MyHeritage.

Tom, it is a windows system setting that can be found by clicking on the task bar magnifying glass and typing language.

TY all!!! So it works!!!
Wish RM will work on those settings. Now my Keybord is on US. But if i will work with RM …it|s an solution. GREAT!

I am pleased you have found a resolution to the problem of decimal points, comma separators and regional settings. It appears to be 17 days since your first comment on this post so you have had a long wait to get it sorted. However, I may be wrong but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for RM to introduce any regional settings options. RM Inc. has never made any pretence that the program was anything but an English language program and, rightly or wrongly, expects everybody to be using settings that match common usage in English speaking countries. If it is easy to have such options then I agree they could do something but I don’t expect it is at the top of their agenda as the majority of users don’t need it. My Regional setting is “English (United Kingdom)” so it works fine.

There appears to be many places like that, where the spelling and place information is all the same but for some reason the 2 just don’t get matched up. At this point I simply open the Gazetteer and type in the place name and I select the place from there and Done. Hope this helps.

Hello All,

I have the same issue as mentioned here. When I include the lat & long manual into the field then it will not work. Solving by using the Gazetteer is also not working. I also see that he take not the coordinates from my Gedcom file which I have exported from Familytree.

I see this as an important issue and wondering why this is not working properly. Not every location can be found on Gazetteer. Si it could not be a final solution. Also switch between the languages on Windows is not working fro me and coudl not be thr final solution for that.

Also Gazetteer only works for me in people wworksheet…but not on locations themself.

Is rootmagic working on this issue ?