RM10 new feature for geodesic date during copy and paste

Although I didn’t read about this new feature in the announcement of RM10, I have the impression that there is a new behavior for copying and pasting databases in RM10.
Former versions of RM (RM9, RM8, …) lost the information of latitude and longitude during transfer from one database to another by the RM specific copy and paste process. RM10 now copies this information for standard places and also for detailed places.- This is very welcome!
When using export to gedcom and succeeding import of the gedcom to a new RM10 database, the longitude and latitude information still gets lost as it was for the older versions of RM.
So this is a significant difference now for either copying and pasting databases compared to export gedcom and successive import gedcom .

Not clear about “copy & paste” database, the function is to IMPORT your data. Is this what you mean? From where are you export to gedcom? RM Imports from many other genealogy programs. My Lat & Long don’t get lost.

I think you mean drag’n’drop when you say “copy and paste” between databases. And there has been a change in that process from a GEDCOM export-import in the background to a direct database-to-database transfer according to statements from both Renée Zamora and Bruce Buzbee. So that can result in some differences in what gets transferred and what does not, for better (in this example) or worse (could be buggy).

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