Forgetting the tick

Are others having problems due to forgetting to click on the ‘tick’ icon after entering place and place details? If I forget to tick, the info disappears. PLEASE can we have an update which cuts out the need to tick after entering details! Surely if I enter some information I intend to have it recorded. Better still - just make hitting ‘enter’ confirm that the line you just entered was OK. The more RM8 can introduce more keyboard shortcuts and cut out the need to reach for the mouse, the better!


I agree wholeheartedly with you that the tick is unnecessary and is confusing. It would be much better if RM8 would simply save the entered information either upon hitting enter/return or when leaving the box. One less step is better. We can always go back and correct a typo or other mistake later if necessary.


Absolutely. I find myself checking and rechecking entries in case I forgot a tick. I am still finding the odd entry of a fact with a source but no notes and I don’t know what else has been missed. (Just a few I know, but which few?!)

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Agree - the place detail drop down list doesn’t work until you have saved the place, which I suppose is logical, but annoying.

There are other places where the use of the tick is very annoying.

When adding citations for person facts, when you enter the citation fields, these values are dynamically added to the footnote and short footnote, but do not get entered into the citation name until you use the tick. However, if you don’t use the tick but just exit the edit person, the citation name is still created. Very inconsistent.

If you then change any of the citation fields, these changes are dynamically reflected in the footnote and short footnote, but do not get reflected in the citation name even if you use the tick. Only if you delete - blank out - the citation name will the citation name be updated to reflect the changes if you then use the tick.

I have been lobbying for the citation name to be built and modified dynamically in the same way as the footnote and short footnote, so making the tick redundant in this case.