Creation of citation name

I added the following to a discussion on the dreaded tick, but I thought it worth stripping out as a topic on its own.

When adding citations for person facts, when you enter the citation fields, these values are dynamically added to the footnote and short footnote, but do not get entered into the citation name until you use the tick. However, if you don’t use the tick but just exit the edit person, the citation name is still created. Very inconsistent.

If you then change any of the citation fields, these changes are dynamically reflected in the footnote and short footnote, but do not get reflected in the citation name even if you use the tick. Only if you delete - blank out - the citation name will the citation name be updated to reflect the changes if you then use the tick.

I have been lobbying for the citation name to be built and modified dynamically in the same way as the footnote and short footnote, so making the tick redundant in this case.

In response, it was pointed out that some people want to create their own citation name rather than use some combination of the citation fields and that is why the build of the citation name from the citation fields only happens if the citation name is left blank. Point accepted.

However, I have suggested that the build of the citation name should be enhanced to be very similar to that of the footnote and short footnote. Dynamic in all cases as the citation fields are entered or changed UNLESS text is entered into the citation name field (so edited), either initially or at some time afterwards. If an edited citation name is cleared, then it should revert to be being built dynamically. This suggestion has been submitted to development.