Place and Place Details

I am entering people in my tree with their births, deaths, and burial places and place details.

Many have the same place of death and place details but the places and place details are not autopopulating.

There are two icons on the right of the place field. Do I need to copy/paste or save the entry each time I enter it in order for the place details to autopopulate?

The icons are clickable and their purposes becomes evident upon doing so. The semi-autopopulate requires typing enough Place (or Place name) characters to narrow down a search of those stored to a few or one and then a selection by mouse, unless there’s only one remaining, whereby hitting return populates the block. Yes, if you are going to enter a Place (or Place name) numerous times… it is easier to Ctrl-A/Ctrl-C select all and copy for subsequent quick pasting in other facts, other people and other usages.

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I am having the same issue. Sometimes I get a short list of previously saved place details that are unrelated to the place. But even after saving the database, exiting the program and returning, the place detail has not been saved or displayed appropriately the next time. I’m using Place Details for the cemetery name in a given city or county; when there are spouses or children buried in the same cemetery, it would be nice to have the save Place Details function like it did in RM7. Am I missing something?

Rod, after you enter the place, are you clicking the check mark in the upper right, to save the fact? You have to do this first, and then go to the place details field, and it should auto-populate once you type in the first letter.


Well, there you go! That was exactly the step that I didn’t realize I needed to do. I’m sure it is documented somewhere in the tutorials or webinars but I obviously missed it. Thank you for your guidance; you have saved me a lot of time.

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Yes, but isn’t this an example of the ‘extra clickiness’ - surely moving from the place to the place details should be sufficient to ‘confirm’ the value entered/selected for place?


Hint: It is always worth doing a search in the forum using keywords such as Place Details. The subject of clicking the checkmark on Place first has been covered a few times.

Ok. This answered my own question in regards to the auto fill for Place Details. And I whole hardheartedly agree that this is another situation where extra clicks/steps have been introduced into RM8 vs RM7 which is adding further needless steps and time toward data entry. I’m finding at times that once I’ve clicked the checkmark that it in itself takes a few seconds before the click/confirmation is accepted. This has been happening in various places such as when adding media to a record :frowning: I hope steps are being made to tighten up the code to quicken these steps.

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I cannot find the “check mark in the upper right”

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