Font Size and Style for main pages and "Note" feature

I am struggling a bit with Rootsmagic 8 after years of using Rootsmagic 7, and cannot help comparing the two programs, but I won’t.

In Rootsmagic 8, I have FOUND how to increase the font size by going to Settings > Display Settings > Font Scaling. Once I changed the Font Scaling, and clicked on anything else, a small window came up that said I have to “exit Rootsmagic and restart for the new font scaling to take effect.” It seemed to work, and it is much more comfortable to read my “Note” text.

As for font style, I cannot find any options for program-wide, or ANY options to change font style. Has anyone found it? Hope so, or I hope it will be in a future update. Thanks!

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You can not change the font in views. The only place to change fonts is in reports. Hopefully, we will have that option in a later release.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll stop searching for font options. Thanks again!

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I miss this too, Tess. I was having a problem on the pedigree view in the People tab, where people’s names were overlapping the web hints, etc. symbols at the end.
After changing the font scaling and my monitor’s resolution to improve this, the font is tiny in all my notes and editing fields. :frowning: