Strange behaviour in Family view when font scaling

Font scaling does not alter the Family view frame/screen in the way that I would expect. Here is a family with the font set to 100%.

You can see that all the people names in the right-hand frame are all the same size, and all quite a bit larger than the fonts with the dates and places of birth.

Now I have set the font scaling to 85%. RM prompts me to close it down and re-start, so I have. Here is the same screen after doing so

Now you can see that the font with the name of the person at the top left of that pane (the ‘father’) John Watson of Clonbrogan is much smaller than the font for the other people in the same pane, and now about the same size as the font for the details of his birth, marriage and death.

Strangely, if I set the font scaling to 120%, then all the fonts seem to expand to the same extent, as you would expect

However, if I choose 60% (much too small for me in practice) then the fonts of both the mother and father’s name are shrunk too small.

I am not quite sure what is going on.


Confirming the issue with font scaling has been reported to development.

Thank you Renee. I should add that my reason for scaling the font in the first place is frustration at the small number of children displayed on the Family Screen. In RM7, I can see the parents and 13 children. In RM9, even after reducing the font to 85%, I can only see the parents and 7 children. I strongly prefer the tabular approach used in RM7. (This preference only relates to the Family Screen; I prefer the Descendants and People screens in RM9 [except for the missing hints/errors/FS matches on the descendants screen] and appreciate the new couples screen.)