Ability to change font size in RootsMagic 9?

Currently, I’m a RootsMagic 7 user and have found that the inability to increase the font size in the to-do-list and research log tools to be problematic for me. Does RootsMagic 9 allow the user to increase the font size anywhere in the program other than just with printing reports or charts?

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Yes it does BUT it will change the size of the font in the whole database and all your databases – RM 8 has the same options…

Instead of a research log and to do list they have TASKS–so this is what it looks like a 100% ( you can also go smaller)

and this is at 150% ( the max)

( click on the images to see difference)-- all you have to do is open a file–go to settings and it is under the monitor-- then close RM completely and reopen it…

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