"Favorites" Groups

For my purposes I would like “Favorite” groups - so it limits views all groups.
Favorite (or some other term)
This would be especially for me as the person view can only display limited info in the one ROW
This might apply to other situations. Not sure if this or some similar has already been requested.

Groups appear in alphabetical order. You can control sorting order by adding a number or various characters to the beginning of the name.

That was not my question – not talking about the order. My question was a way to limit how an when they appear…something similar to Sources/Favorites As Far as order goes you can add a special character '!" to appear 1st

So you want a filter on groups, which are already filters in their own way. You would like a Favorites filter, but then where does it stop? Someone is going to then want a ‘Mom’s Side’ filter, then someone will want a ‘Dad’s Side’ filter. Where would it stop?

This would be a bloody dev nightmare. And with so many more widely desired goodies out there, I wouldn’t hold my breathe to see this implemented any time in the near future.

Is this an existing functionality?

…you can add a special character '!" to {ensure your “favorites”} appear 1st

For sources yes – existing to have Favorite sources

Not asking for subgroups of favorites. Asking to have binary option – they either would belong to favorites or not… very simple development. This would be used to limited display of groups much like it does for sources.

Question on this request. The main purpose appears to be to control the order the names appear on the Edit Person’s Group row. Wanting something similar to how the Source Templates have Favorites. The benefit of the Source Template Favorites is having a shorter list to select from, which is also alphabetical. On the Edit Person’s Group row you already have the shortened list being the groups the person belongs to. Which is also alphabetical. So in a way aren’t the favorites already showing? Just trying to figure out how to add this request for development. I think we are still going to boil down to things being alphabetical.

It is never simple development when it requires altering database tables and it is quite silly think otherwise. You want to filter a list of filters, which is about as silly as the general RM interface.

sorry for my request - my suggestion / request. Being able toggle if a groups belong to favorite (Yes or no), (like sources have favorite). Then have have some control / setting if All Groups or only Favorite groups are displayed (On Person edit screen for example). I guess there could be additional control elsewhere but there are many user that want too many thing for that work or implement.

The purpose of having favorite would be to limit what is displayed in the one row of the person edit screen. I might have 30 or more groups – and a person might belong to 10 but if only 5 are favorite then only 5 would display on person edit view.


adding Favorites is a matter of simply adding ONE column – a yes/no column to the Tag/Table
The query to display the data would need to be update to filter or not filter favorites based on program option or setting.

If you want to argue there are a lot of more pressing needs – that might be a far argument – but to say is a major thing is not accurate in my opinion.

So you are wanting to filter which groups appear on the Groups row. Confirming that request has been reported to development.

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So you are wanting to filter which groups appear on the Groups row. Confirming that request has been reported to development.
thank you!

I’m unclear what that means. I would think that the need is best met where groups are currently listed to have a Favourite toggle for the selected Group and a Favourites filter to see only those or, preferably, move them to the top of the list distinguished from and ahead of the Not-Favourites.

Someone recently posted a question about mass deletion of some 90 groups, not the people within, just the assignments and definitions. That may be a case of Groups creep getting so far out of hand that the user needed a complete reset. It does indicate how important Groups are to analysing and working selectively on a database and that a categorisation feature, even as rudimentary as Favourites, could be of help.

To mimic the Favourites feature in the Select Source Template dialog, it would require the addition of a Favorite column to the TagTable in the database structure.

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Yes, correct adding the table column would be simple/
Tweaking the result to display would be the trickiest part.
(ie. only display favorites when/how etc.)