People List View filtered by group fails to update after change to the group

Suppose I have People List View filtered by a group.

Suppose I go into Edit Person for one of the people and remove them from the group. Upon exiting from Edit Person, the list of people in People List View is updated immediately to reflect that I removed the person from the group. So far, so good.

Suppose instead I click on the Groups tab in the left side panel, click the Edit icon, select the group and click the Edit button. I can change the contents of the group by marking or unmarking specific individuals, or by clicking the Mark or Unmark button and marking or unmarking by applying a general rule. After updating the contents of the group in this manner, the list of people in People List View is not updated to reflect that I have changed the contents of the group.

So far, I have not found anything I can do in the side panel to trigger an update of the People List View. For example, clicking on the Index tab instead of the Groups tab does not trigger the update. I can trigger an update of the People List view switching to a different main tab such as the Family Tab and then switching back to the Family List tab. I an also trigger an update of the People List View by removing the group filter and reapplying it, or by filtering by a different group and then reapplying the original group. The failure of People List View to update at this point is only a minor annoyance, but it seems like it should be fixed.

When you click the Groups tab in the left side panel and click the Edit icon, the groups dialog opens in a pop-up window instead of in a slide in panel. This is a very good thing, and it’s just like RM7. After editing the group, you close the popup window by X-ing it out or by clicking OK. In RM7, the People View that is filtered by the group updates properly at this point. In RM8, the People List View that is filtered by the group does not update at this point. It is the closing of that particular popup window that needs to trigger the update of the People List View.

It is frustrating. I wish they would at least put a refresh button to click on. It would also be nice if we could print the people view.

What you are seeing is actually intentional. We decided to not remove them as soon as a group is unchecked as it could be a mistake and you might want to recheck. It will remove them when switching to a different group or showing Everyone and coming back. You can also open the Edit Person screen from the Info Box at the top of the sidebar, or from the People List. When the Edit Person screen is closed the list will refresh.

The request to add a “refresh” button which would remove them without swapping groups has been reported to development.

Whoa! That’s not the way it is working. If you go into Edit Person and uncheck the box for the group there, the group list on the screen does refresh immediately. That’s the scenario where you might have unchecked the group by accident and might not want the group to refresh automatically so you can put the group flag back for that person. I prefer the current behavior of this scenario where the group list does refresh automatically after an uncheck in Edit Person, but I could see a weak argument for not refreshing the group in this case.

But that’s not my scenario. I am re-applying the original group criteria in Edit Group. I am unmarking everybody and then marking again based on the original criteria. Lots of people could have dropped out of the group because I had updated their data so that they no longer met the criteria. And in fact, updating a number of people is exactly what I’m doing and it’s exactly why I want the group to refresh immediately upon exit from Edit Group. There is no mistake to be made in this case. I applied the criteria I wanted to apply. It sounds like my alternative would be to delete that group and make a new one with the same criteria. Having to do that makes no sense to me. Doing it that way would be just another workaround.

Here’s my workflow. I have a group of everybody that’s missing some particular data of interest. The group criteria are testing for the absence of that data so the group is the people missing the data… I want people to drop out of the group after I add the missing data. RM’s groups are not dynamic, so I have to rerun the criteria myself. I rerun the criteria after every five or ten people for whom I have added the missing data. It seems like the least RM8 should do for me in the absence of dynamic groups would be to refresh the screen display of the group for me after I rerun the criteria. In case you are wondering, it’s much easier to rerun the group criteria every five or ten people than it is to remember to remove the group flag in Edit Person for each person. Doing so also assures that I really have added the missing data for the people rather than just turning the group flag off.

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