Example of Advanced User of Groups/Criteria

Here is a 3 step example of finding people a group that are missing Find-a-grave facts.

Step 1
Find Ancestors / Descendants (15 up/ 15 down)

Step 2 might be a little confusing – I want to remove people that have Find - a grave leaving the ones that don’t.

Step 3 – if there are not deceased – the are hopefully not buried. So I remove living people (living flag true)

this leave me with about 770 people (of origin 1100) that I need to try to find Find-a-grave (somewhat daunting ). you could use similar strategy for find other things. Thought I would share – in past I would use SQL (or power BI) to do some of these things. Hope this helps others and promotes sharing as this might give others idea of things you can do


I had created Groups in v7 of City Buried & Cemetery. In 9, I started to go thru each Cemetery Group and update burial info. I have found that people have added more details along with recently deceased names. They are still in their groups but now have Find a grave data. This Groups/Criteria will pick up ones I haven’t gotten to. Thanks kevync1985

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You are welcome – I thought if we are started sharing examples it would help others. (and also give ideas for other similar uses)

My oldest daughter got married recently – the past 6 months I added 1000+ names from my son-in-law POV (basically all from his mother as his father family came from Yugoslavia (now Bosnia) and very little is known but they DNA test so that should help. Sometimes its hard to keep focus as I keep finding new “cousins” from this branch. Find-a-grave (although not perfect) leads to filing or explainin other things

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