Feature Request: Ancestor and Descendant Options for Group membership Saved criteria and Saved Search criteria

Hi - It would be great to have criteria options related to ancestors and descendants as found in the Edit Group > Free-Form type > Select people screen available for defining Saved criteria and Saved Search criteria.


The use case would be limiting group membership or search results to ancestors, descendants, etc. of a particular person and have that dynamically updated as people are added or removed from the selected person’s line.

Currently, the only option is to manually select/refresh for Group memberships using the Free-Form criteria type for Groups. There’s no option for Saved Searches that we could find.

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Confirming request has been reported to development.

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I really want all my groups to be criteria groups. So my current workaround is to color code the ancestor or descendant criterion and then to include the color coding as one several criteria for the criteria group. This still requires me to update the color coding manually if I add ancestors or descendants, so it doesn’t really solve the problem. But I think it helps because my criteria groups are usually based on several criteria and the remaining criteria usually work just fine with my criteria groups.


It is reasonable that Ancestors and Descendant criteria be saved and then could be refreshed with doing manually mark / update. It would also be nice to take advantage of Gen-up/Gen-down (based on set relationship).


Thanks for forwarding this, Renee!