Editting the group selection criteria

My RM7 import brought across some groups based on a particular selection criteria, for example “Fact Note is not blank”. When I attempt to edit this group I am presented with Roots Magic Explorer with all the people ticked that meet this criteria.

What I want to do is change the group selection criteria - is there an option to do that or do I need to create a new group and enter the selection criterial from scratch?

Clicking Edit button in the Groups window opens RootsMagic Explorer (where you’re seeing the people ticked that “met” that criteria. Clicking Unmark allows choosing Everyone in file and O clicking OK to that leaves the Group criteria a blank slate for changing (via Mark/Unmark). Bear in mind the name “Fact Note is not blank” implies just that, so changing criteria may be well served by changing Group naming.

Thanks @kbens0n - I may have misremembered but I thought it was possible in RM7 to edit the group selection criteria. For example, suppose my group selection criteria was a complicated set of logical conditions (this AND that OR (the other AND something)) and I wanted to modify this slightly, then I thought in RM7 it was possible to change the selection criteria for a given group. As things stand, I cannot edit the selection criteria, and have no idea how the group is formed. Or am I missing something?

I don’t believe RM7 preserved criteria for your viewing/editing of original selectors. Groups appear to be virtually the same in both versions.

You are right ! I went back to my RM7 and it works exactly as RM8. I should have checked before wasting other’s air-time - my bad as they say :frowning:

-NOT- wasting our time. Come ask about anything anytime!

Hello @Johnj_au

It looks like you were partway there. If this has not been resolved then try the following – I think it may help.

Start on the people page with the option at top left of the People List set to “Show Everyone’ (The default) .

Use the down-arrow at the right end of that box to open the list of available groups.

Select the group that you wish to work with. ( This should give you a short-list of people in that group. )

In the lower side panel select the right-most icon of the four (Index, History, Bookmarks, Groups) to display the groups for the highlighted individual in the People List.

The group for which you wish to edit the criteria should now appear in the list with a tick in the checkbox.

Select the Pencil (Edit Groups) Icon in the header to open the Groups editing window

Select the group for which you wish to edit the criteria and select “Edit”.

In the RootsMagic Explorer window select “Mark” or “Unmark” as appropriate for your purpose.

From the drop-list select “by data fields”.

A RootsMagic panel should open with currently set criteria displayed and any necessary criteria adjustments can probably now be made here. (This has not been tested with RM7 imported data so I’ll leave that to you!)

When done select “OK”, then “OK” again, then select “Select” then “OK” to close a series of windows.

Finally check that the results achieve what you intended.

(You may also find the help under the three vertical dots at top right of the people page>Working with people>Groups helpful if you need more info re this topic.)

Hi @Ronbu - thank you for your detailed suggestion. All went well until I got to the line that says:

“A RootsMagic panel should open with currently set criteria displayed …”. The panel certainly opened but there were no criterial displayed - just blanks where I can enter fields and selection criteria.

I am resigned to working back through RM7 to try to remember what I included in the field(s) selection criteria. Sigh !!

OBTW after some experimenting I am pretty sure that the selection criterial has not come across from RM7, only the list of people who met the criteria. So I am chasing a dream :frowning:

Thanks again … John.

That makes life difficult. If they had come across then I would expect they would have filled the blanks. Sorry about that.