Drag-n-Drop - Broken tree to Main Tree - no known connection


I have two “broken” branch/trees I would like to drag-n-drop into my current tree. However,at moment it does not belong anywhere – I am hoping to find a connection the reset of the tree. Each “tree” is about 30-50 people. I have not used drag-n-drop before but was under the impression one had to have place to “drop”. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

Assuming RM8.

Get your main database and one of your broken databases open at the same time. Just open the main database and then open one of your broken databases without closing your main database.

Then get the two databases side by side on the screen at the same time. This second step is probably the trickiest part. You will need to “mediumize” both windows and resize them to fit side by side. By “mediumize”, I mean to click the little box in the upper right hand corner of the window just to the left of the X which closes the window. You can then hold and drag and of the sides of the window to resize it.

Finally, click and hold any person in the broken database and drag the person to the main database and let go. You will be asked who to drag and drop, and answer by saying everyone.

Close the broken database, open the other broken database, and drag and drop it in the same manner.

It may not be an issue for your, but a drag and drop is really a GEDCOM export/import in disguise. So be sure that all your fact types are fully turned on for GEDCOM export and if any options about what to include pop-up, turn everything on.

thank you for a detailed response. So basically I might as well just import a GEDCOM from the “broken branch”. Understood about the GEDCOM options by fact etc.


Yes, that would accomplish the exact same thing as drag and drop. In your use case, a GEDCOM probably would be as just as easy or easier than a drag and drop.

I’m sure that not everyone would agree, but I think the mechanical process of going through a drag and drop is a lot harder to accomplish in RM8 than it was in RM7. And in any case, the net result of a drag and drop in either RM7 or RM8 is exactly equivalent to a GEDCOM export/import because a drag and drop actually is a GEDCOM export/import behind the scenes. I wish there were a way in RM to split or combine databases that operated on the level of database tables rather than operating on the level of GEDCOM. But GEDCOM it is.

I only used RM7 for less than a month but recall see a video (by Bruce) that demonstrated this in RM7. Back in Spring 2021 I mainly used RM8 because did not want to have to worry about getting confused or additional learning curve of learning both. Rm8 was preview at time,and I came from FTM.

thanks again