Good idea to have split screen and drag and drop feature

Good idea to have RM8 split screen and drag and drop feature.

Would be great to move a person or a family to another family etc.

I apologise if its been incorporated, but can you tell me where if I have missed it.

@gray --maybe I’m not understanding the question BUT-- RM 8 and RM 9 do NOT have where you can open 2 or more files in the same box-- each of the files in RM 8 and RM 9 open in a separate window BUT the 1st window opened is the control window ( for lack of a better word)-- meaning that if you minimize the 1st window opened, all the rest of the windows will be minimized ( only happens with the 1st opened)-- in order to get a split screen, you have to reduce the size of the window to 50 % or less for each file you want to use for a drag and drop.

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With most modern day bits a software it is an easy task to do split screens on the same display. Most Microsoft products can be split screened on the same display. It makes life so easy.

I use split screens, (that is 2 displays). with one showing the graphics design I work on, and the other for the data or text.

It seems a good idea to get into the 21st century, as some aspects are a bit dated.

As I said it would be a good idea.

Are you asking about using drag n drop to move a family to a different location in the same database? That isn’t an option. You can only move data from one database to another. If you want to move a family you have to unlink and then link them where they belong.

I understand, its a bit more complex than I thought.

But still a good idea to have if possible.