Downloading Ancestry tree without media

I am using RM9 tools to find errors in my Ancestry tree. As such, I download my Ancestry tree about once a month (a full download). The media files are not needed, and downloading the media files takes much longer than downloading the tree.

Is there a way that I can download just the tree without the media files?

Many thanks.


You can upload without media, but you cannot download without media.

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Thanks, Jerry.

Adding a switch to either include or omit the media seems like a simple enhancement. I’m new to this board, is there a proper way to enter a request like this?

Cheers, Randy

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Post a message with a tag of “feature request” rather than with a tag of “question”.

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I would also email the request to-

If you export your tree from ancestry you get a gedcom file that lacks media when imported into RM9.

Hi Jerry, thanks for this, for some reason I was enamored with the Ancestry linkage, but to your point this might be a lot better approach.

Cheers, Randy