Does RM8 Have A Function That Makes An Entry 'Private'?

I would like to prevent specific persons from being displayed in lists or on my website. Older versions of RM allowed me allowed me to mark a person ‘private’ but I can’t find that option in RM8. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you.

I am not familiar with a setting in RM7 for making a person private except the “living” checkbox. RM7, RM8 and RM9 have a check box to designate a fact as “private” thereby giving the option of excluding private facts from reports. Also, by checking the “living” box for a person, the person can be excluded in reports and other output when used with the “group” feature and criteria that includes records where the living box is checked.

RM hasn’t had a way to privatize a person. If you are creating a MyRootsMagic website create a group with that person in it. Then when creating the website check the box “Filter who shows on the site”, select “Hide people in the groups selected below”, and check that group. That will filter the person from the website.

Thank you very much, Renee. I’ll give that a try.

Thank you, Ken. I appreciate your timely response.