Descendant's List

I’m printing Descendant’s List but the ex-spouses which are checked as private appear in the List.
Never used private in previous versions, so am I misunderstand what the checked box does?
TIA, Steve

If a report has a setting for privacy, then things marked private can be suppressed. I’m not at my pc so I cannot check that report. It’s also possible that a private flag may be a dummy that should not be in the form or that it may represent an uncompleted intention…

Make sure not to overlook → UNCHECK (Private facts → Print private facts) in Descendant List settings panel List Reports - RootsMagic Wiki

TomH, at your convenience, I would appreciate your confirming if “Private checkbox” function works for you. TIA

kbenson, I’ve verified “private facts” were unchecked prior to generating the report.

Confirming that the “Private” setting in Descendant List report and GEDCOM Export has no effect for Name-type facts that are marked “Private”. This is also the case for RM7 except one could not mark the Primary name or Person private, only the Alternate Name facts. What is exported is the tag “2 _PRIV Y” under a “1 NAME …” tag.

Thanks for confirming TomH
Since it was a small report for sibling, I worked around it by
recording the 2 ex-spouses RINs
unlinking the 2 ex-spouses
generated report
then linked the 2 ex-spouses

Renee, since this feature didn’t work in RM7 either, I’ll leave that decision to you if the ROI is worth developer time to enable the Private feature for reports.

RM doesn’t have an option to privatize people. I’ll report that the privacy checkboxes need to be removed.