Does iPADOS Roots Magic App run on M1 iPad Pros?

I downloaded RM 1.4 mobile app from the Apple App Store to my 2021 iPad Pro with M1 chip. I am unable to close the app by swiping and have to turn off the iPad and turn it back on again to close it. Are there known capability issues with the M1 iPad Pros? Fixes?

Thanks for any guidance

The mobile app was developed by a third party, not by RM. As far as I know, it has been several years since it was last updated, so I would guess that there may well be some issues with the newer iPads. The Android version of the mobile app has been retired and I expect that the iPad version will likely be in the near future.

Thanks for the update!

The iOS app is very old (2015). Try the Ancestry ipad app. It is current and much better than RM ever was. It will show you any of your trees on and requires no clutzy dropbox fumbling.

Does it work if you don’t have Ancestry trees?

I have no practical experience to reference, but why wouldn’t it?

There have been no ‘noise’ about apps suddenly not working when moved to the M1, and from an iPad perspective, the M1 is just the most recent implementation of the ARM instruction set, as implemented in the previous A series chips used by recent iPads.

Of course, better if someone could confirm it.

certainly not–without a tree on ancestry there is nothing to show. However multiple trees there llinked to RM8 or not work fine. the ancestry app is quite responsive and not just a gedcom viewer.

The RM app is very old and does work on my 2020 ipad pro but is only a viewer, requires export to dropbox and a poor tool compared to the app.

A good reason for not to have it then. I don’t have any Ancestry trees and don’t intend having any. A viewer is fine on my phone - I would not contemplate doing any serious data entry on a phone.

Mobile apps for data entry and manipulation work best on an ipad. no sensible person would use a phone. strange not to use ancestry since it along with family search is such a valuable resource for modern genealogy. New records appear daily and the hints feature helps one focus on new clues.

  1. Where did I say that I did not use Ancestry? Use of Ancestry for genealogical research does not require one to have an Ancestry tree. Actually for UK researchers FindMyPast is probably a more useful resource. I probably use about 20 sites on a daily basis dependent upon who, what and where I am researching. I have used Hints but tend to find that I already have most of the facts that they are telling me about so I get fed up with them and turn them off. As an ardent researcher I actually prefer to do my own research anyway.
  2. My tablet is a Surface Pro and does everything my desktop does - I don’t always have it in my pocket though like I do my phone.
  3. Hint: Read the post before making wild assumptions.

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