Compatibility of RootsMagic GedCom file created on a PC with an Apple product

A cousin of my wife, who is new to Genealogy and interested in producing her own family tree has asked me for help. She has an Apple I-Pad, and can obtain and install a genealogy app for it; however, I am a PC guy, and although I am quite happy to prepare a GedCom file for her, I am not sure of the compatibility of a PC generated Gedcom with an Apple tablet.

Any short, helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

I believe the RM read’only app is still available for the iPad. By going through some hoops it might be possible to transfer the compatible export (.rmgc) from your database to her iPad. If she has a Mac, she could install the full RM app on it, open a full copy of your .rmtree file and do the export to iPad via Dropbox as designed.

There would be no difference between a PC or Mac generated GEDCOM.

If you decide to go with an iPad app other than the one from RM, make the GEDCOM using RM’s GEDCOM option not to include Extra details (RM specific).

The RM app for iPad and iPhone still works just fine, and I use it nearly every day. It’s a read only app. There is no genealogy app for iPad/iPhone that allows you to update your RM database from the iPad/iPhone.

You may hear something to the effect that “the mobile app for RM doesn’t work anymore”. It’s true that RM’s Android app doesn’t work anymore, but the iPad/iPhone app still works just fine.

the ancestry app works fine on an ipad and allows both display and editing. however genealogy programs (FTM…RM) really require a computer rather than an ipad. the 3rd party RM ipad app is read only and very old (2015).

Thanks to all who answered. I appreciate it. It’s not likely that she will a) go out and buy a computer and b) put RM on it. What I had in mind was Family Search (I think formerly Personal Ancestral File) because it’s fairly simple with a considerably shallower learning curve. She’ll have to ignore the LDS Temple stuff, but that’s not a problem.

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When you are creating the GEDCOM uncheck the box to include “LDS Information”.