Display and sort places in reverse order in People List View

Currently, places can be sorted in reverse order within the Place List on the Places tab. I would like to see this function also available for places in the People List View on the People tab.

Well, I seem to be able to sort on any of the places columns in the People list view. I sorted by the death place column, for example. Just select the column header - it seems to sort ascending and then selecting again sorts descending. (Using a Mac, but that shouldn’t affect things.)

EDITED: adding screenshots below

That’s great! Doesn’t seem to work in Windows 10.

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works fine in Windows 11

Good to know, thanks!

Works OK on my PC running Windows 10

Well, lo and behold, just now I found that it works. Maybe I didn’t realize how slow the program would be to respond, and I moved on to something else too quickly.

Oops, my bad. The places get sorted all right, but you can’t do it in reverse order.

Works for me, exactly as JP1 said in the first reply. Is this how you are attempting to sort the columns?

OK, I’m sorry I haven’t been clear about my issue & corresponding feature request. I lost track of exactly what I wrote about to begin with, and I’ve given confusing responses in this thread. Mea culpa.

Starting over:

Currently, in RM8’s People tab, in the People List view, places are listed in the usual sequence, from locality to country. Birth Place, Death Place, etc. can all be sorted alphabetically:

Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, United States
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan, United States

I would like to be able to sort them in the reverse order:

United States, Illinois, Cook, Chicago
United States, Illinois, Sangamon, Springfield
United States, Michigan, Washtenaw, Ypsilanti
United States, Michigan, Wayne, Detroit

In RM8’s Places tab, “reverse order” is an option that doesn’t exist in People View of the People tab. I would like it to be.

Thanks for bearing with me. I hope it makes more sense now.


Aha, I understand what you want to achieve. I’ll let the database experts discuss whether that is possible or not, given the current structure of the columns.

Edit: oops! Sorry, I just saw you were requesting for the People list. The option below is for the fact list

When in the Edit Person screen, click on the 3-dot Menu (upper right, next to the plus sign), then choose options. In the list of choices is “Reverse place names”. This should do what you requested.


Edit: oops! Sorry, I just saw you were requesting for the People list. The option below is for the fact list

Thanks, it’s still a good tip.