Disappearing windows - Alt-Tab

Has anyone experienced windows disappearing behind the main program?

When I click on the lightbulb and open Ancestry WebHints, a window comparing the two individuals opens.

If I click on the Show on Ancestry button and move my cursor out of RM to my browser, the webhints window will often disappear. I think it is minimizing but there is no visual clue to get back to the window. If I try to do anything in RM, I get a warning tone indicating the open window.

I can use ALT-Tab to get to the window and bring it to the front.

I do have 2 monitors. I usually run RM on monitor 1 and my browser on monitor 2. I tried using a split screen on monitor 1 with RM and my browser both open on monitor 1. The window issue was still there.

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Yes. There seem to multiple ways for windows to disappear but I’ve not recorded all of what I’ve experienced. With multiple databases open, the F5 key cycles through them and will bring forward the main screen for that database. If there are Edit Person screens open on it, they are listed in its status bar at the bottom and one can be brought forward by tapping on its name.

I’ve also had windows fly out of range of the mouse being able to move them. That seems to be related to scaling and there is a tech tip I’ve yet to try to do something about High DPI in Windows.

I’m having a similar problem. The Edit Person screen is over the People list. I move my mouse to add a fact going to the “+” sign and the People list pops up - all the time. I have to Press Alt-Tab to get back to the person screen. I have been unable to find a fix.

I am using two monitors - one with browser open to Ancestry.com, etc., the other monitor has RootsMagic open.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

@johnd110, I have noticed the same behavior quite frequently. Moving the mouse up in the edit person toward the + sign to add a new fact frequently causes the main family view (which I use mostly) to come to the top, thus hiding the edit person window I was just working on. I have learned to look at the bottom of the screen and click on the status line to bring the edit window back to the top. You can also use alt-tab to bring the window back, too.

Thanks for the info and I do use your two methods but I’m hoping there is a way for the Edit Person screen to not fall behind the RootsMagic main screen.

You could pin them side by side but may find the loss of display space to be too great. WindowKey+Left|Right arrow key on active window.

I suffer this too but found the guidance in the answers useful. I wouldn’t mind this problem (as I call it) fixed though. Please.