Add Person Screen moves behind main screen

When adding a new person in RM9 I often switch to other windows such as an obituary in a Chrome browser that is on my second display, and when I move my cursor back over to the display with the RM9 windows the add person screen drops behind the main screen. I then have to use “command” - “tab” to choose the RM9 windows and I get the add person screen back in front. That add person window always pops up right in front of the main RM9 window and it’s gotten to where I try to remember to move it off to one side of the main window so I don’t have to go through the recovery steps. I am on a 64-bit operating system, windows 10,Pro Version 22H2, OS build 19045.2728 on a desktop machine.

When you move back to RM if you click outside of the Edit Person screen it will bring the main screen forward. Try to make it visible so you can click on it directly.

Thanks for your reply, Renee.

I am not seeing that behavior, and I don’t see the add person screen mov behind every time I’m having troubles getting it to happen now at all. Right now, I opened an add child screen and I can work in other windows and come back to Add child after working in a variety of them… OK, now it just did it. I was typing here and moved the cursor over there quickly to check another possibility and, without clicking anything the main screen came forward. I cannot do anything in RM9 at that point until I get the add person window visible again.

Not sure quite what you mean by “Try to make it visible so you can click on it directly.” The only way I can see to bring the add child screen back to the front is to do a “Command” “Tab” combination which lets me choose any open window. OK, I just discovered that if I do “Alt” “Tab” then the add person screen is brought to the front even if I have a non RM89 window active at the time.

It’s not a showstopper, but is rather inconvenient, I’ve gotten in the habit (sometimes) of moving the “add person” window so it will not be completely covered by the mainwindow when this happens.

To me it seems like a bug. I mean if I have the add person screen visible and I click in any other RM9 window like an edit person window the computer beeps and the add person stays in front as I would expect.

Thank you for spending time on it.

The Edit Person button will always show on the status bar at the bottom of the Main window. Click on it to bring the person forward. I have seen reports of mouse movement causing random clicks that cause the main view to come forward. Seems to happen more often with those on more than one monitor. If you don’t have more than one monitor then it could be your mouse sensitivity.

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I do have two monitors and the disappearing act occurs as I move the cursor from the second window back to where the main and edit person windows are.

Regarding the edit person button that always shows on the status bar at the bottom of the Main window, I feel like a newbie because I see no status bar. I’m about to research if that cna be turned on & off.

It took me a while to figure that out also

at the very bottom of the above picture —below the index, it has the name of the person whose screen you have open-- ie Mel Acorn in this case— that is the area that you want to click on to bring the edit page back forward

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After reviewing the Rootsmagic interface wiki topic I see now that edit person buttons are only on the status bar when I have opened an edit person window. That of course makes sense, and silly me, I was not aware of tabs showing on the status bar when 1, 2 or 3 of those windows are open, and I can see it s very handy,. but is not a solution to the problem I have with add person, add spouse, add child, etc. windows falling behind the main window.

Using add child as an example, when I have that window open it becomes the only window you can RM window I can work in. A click in the main window or an edit person window get’s that annoying beep from the computer that tells me the click is invalid. When the add child window is completely covered with the main window (or I suppose edit person window(s)) I see nothing on the screen that I can click without getting the annoying beep. There is no add person button appearing on the status bar. Thanks!

I don’t have the problem of the add window disappearing behind the main screen but sometimes I will minimize it to do something else–then when I come back, I forget I minimized it and hear the ding-- USUALLY THERE IS A SMALL WHITE BOX right above my search in the computer’s taskbar but not always–don’t know if this will work but when the add screen falls behind the main screen, try clicking on the RM 9 icon in your computer’s task bar

I’ll have wit till it happens again and try that!

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It works! The add person window fell behind the main RM9 window and clicking on the RM9 icon in the task bar brought it back to the front. Thanks for a great tip!

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Just to summarize this topic…

It is a fact that an add person, add child or add spouse windows can and occasionally does fall behind the main Rootsmagic 9 window just because the computer cursor is moved by the operator’s mouse in a certain way. Regardless of whether it happens because the cursor is moved at a certain speed, from one display to the other when there are two display screens, or whatever action the operator takes when that happens, it is a bug. I do not know if the bug is in Rootsmagic or the operating system.

When this happens the add window cannot be clicked on, and because it is the only window that Rootsmagic allows to be clicked as long as it is open, then there is no Rootsmagic window that can be clicked in to continue.

Fortunately, clicking the Rootsmagic 9 icon in the Windows taskbar brings the “add” window to the front again. Because this method of recovery is fairly simple to do I consider this bug to be an inconvenience rather than a serious issue.

My thanks to all who took the time to help me with this issue.