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When adding a person, a screen comes up to enter their Name/Birth/Death/Burial information. If I just have their name at the moment and hit okay, is their a way to get that screen back or is the only way to add Birth/Death/Burial is by selecting each one separately by using add fact? It would be nice to get back to the Add New Person Screen for entering more information.

Thanks for any help.

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After you have added the person, all additional data entry must be done in the Edit Person screen.


Bummer, that is too bad. My workflow has been to add all the people of a family and then go back and add the facts. I wish I could use the New Person Screen again as it is simpler to use than adding each fact separately. I wish at the least they had the birth/death/burial facts there but blank as it takes time to find in the list. I wish data entry was a little easier in RM8.

Are you using the search box to find the facts? For example, if you start typing something like ma then it will take you to the marriage section of the list or typing bi will take you to the Birth section of the list.

In the case of the Fact list, I think the RM8 search boxes are just about as effective as the old RM7 incremental search. At the worst, you might have to type one or two more letters than in RM7. Also, the panel where facts are displayed contains enough facts to be very useful. I do wish the search boxes supported things like “Starts with” and “Exact”. This is just thinking out loud, but for example if ^ meant “Starts with” then you could type ^m and it would take you immediately to the facts that started with the letter m.

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I was scrolling. Thanks for the tip! That does save some time.

If I know the town or registration district of the BMD fact that I am entering I just enter that, (it doesn’t really matter if it is wrong) then when I get the dates it is just a question of filling in the correct information.

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The logic here says that once you have entered their name and they are in the database they are no longer a “New Person”. Once you have closed the Add New Person screen you are then adding further information to an existing person.

As Terry says, once you type in a name for a new person – i.e., a person who never existed before – that person now exists in your database. They’re no longer a “new person.” It doesn’t really matter whether you’re adding new facts for that person 30 seconds later or a year later.

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No need to insult my intelligence. I know that. But the screen is easier to use and that is why I want to use it. Rename it if that make you happy.

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BTW, other Genealogy software allow you to use this screen/form at any time. I didn’t think it was an unreasonable question.

I have been a user of RM in many versions, and I have always been puzzled about why I need to enter ‘Birth’ as a fact. If I am entering a new person, obviously they have to be born sometime. Further information such as date and place can be entered at a later date if not at hand. Another problem I see is the facts which appear in an existing family: ‘Birth-Child’. If I’m entering a family group, is the ‘Birth-Child’ automatically added when a child is added? If not, how is it accomplished?

As a longtime user, you likely know that you do not need to enter a Birth fact. Upon creating that child with any information, the Living checkbox is checkmarked and Bob’s your Uncle. If further info is not at hand.,later is fine for creating the event and adding date/place/etc.

If you do not add any events then the child does not appear in the relative events of the other family members’ Edit Person window, but the family members’ events appear in the newly-added child’s Edit Person window.

The Birth-Child thing is not really a fact. If John Doe has a son named William Doe and you enter a Birth fact for William, it shows up as Birth-Child for John. Think of it as “Birth of Child”. William had a Birth and therefore his father had a Birth of Child.

The Birth-Child thing is not really there in the sense that it doesn’t print in reports, it’s not exported as GEDCOM, and it’s not loaded to Web sites if you create Web sites from RM. So it’s not really there.

But RM8 displays it for you as a convenience. If you don’t want to see it, you can turn it off. On the Edit Person screen, you can turn off all such conveniences by unclicking the Show Relative Facts box at top of the screen. There are actually several such options to show or not show events for children, spouses, parents, or siblings. Each of these options can be turned on or off individually by clicking the THREE DOTS menu in the Edit person screen.

Part of the convenience that RM8 provides for you if you enable the Show Relative Facts feature is just informational while your are looking at the Edit Person screen. The other part of the convenience is that you can click on those relative facts and thereby open an Edit Person screen for the relative without needing first to close out the current Edit Person screen.

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I have often thought the same - that initial quick entry form with all the main life events would be nice to bring up again to quickly add some more. BUT we really ought to add each fact the normal way, so that place details can be added and sources get added, which they cannot be on the original new person entry form.

My approach to the Add person Screen is the opposite to the approach of many users. That is, I use the Add Person screen as little as possible. I do the bare minimum to a get a new person into the system, and then I do the bulk of my data entry from the Edit Person screen. The primary reason is that I want to enter sources and media at the same time I’m adding my other data, and you cannot do so from the Add Person screen.

Good point about sources, but I would like access to this form at any time. It would save me time, even if I have to go back and add sources and media later. I want to be able to enter data quickly with as little mouse clicks a possible.

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I’m exactly the same. I add the Event, Place, Place details, Source(s) and media at the same time. Then after doing all that for e.g. Birth Event I move on to Baptism, Censuses, Marriage etc. one at a time. I don’t want a bunch of Event headings with no data, that I may forget to go back to.

@Spence-- I also would rather add their Name/Birth/Death/Burial information from the original screen as I hate adding from facts–sometimes when I add thru facts, it shows up under the person BUT not on their main page and then I have to delete and redo the fact-- what a pain…

My working around if I don’t have the info readily available is to put where I think they were born/ died and buried-- that way the fact is already there in the edit person screen and you can easily edit it-- however I do not have my tree connected to Ancestry or any other service–it is only on my computer

hope it helps

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