Bug in Add Person

I most commonly use the add person window when adding a spouse, but also appears when you click on add a Mother or Father.

The bug is that the Place in the Burial section will not accept Enter to select a choice unlike the place lines in Birth and Death. e.g. When you type something in the place line there you get two or three choices, then you arrow down to the appropriate place and hit Enter nothing happens in the Burial section. You have to mouse to the choice and select it that way. Hitting Enter works correctly to select a choice in the Birth and Death sections and automatically advances you to the next field. Ideally if/when the Burial place Enter key is fixed, it would advance to the OK button at the bottom so you just have to hit Enter again to complete that page.

I can’t recreate this. Try running the database tools under Tools and see if that helps.

Good idea! That would be nice to be able to tab to the OK button. Alt+O also works, but then when the Edit Person window opens, the “Close” button (bottom right) does not have a keyboard shortcut. Why not?

I ran Compact Database, Rebuild Indexes, Integrity Check and Remove Phantom Records. No problems were reported. I reran an Add Person and I still get the same result. For the Burial Place I had a list of 5 choices. I scrolled down to one of them at random (I think it was the 3rd choice) and hit Enter - nothing happened.

Just to be clear [not intended to be demeaning or arrogant] starting from the People tab, either the Pedigree or Family tab. Click to add someone - e.g. Father, Mother, Spouse and you get the same Add Person window. It’s that window that’s giving the problem.

PC or Mac. I’ve only tried on my PC and I’m not near my Mac right now.

Windows 10. The computer isn’t capable of running Windows 11.