Disappearing Screen

When I am entering a person into my tree, I am constantly experiencing my screen disappearing. I don’t know what I am doing to cause this, but I have to constantly click in several places in order to get back to where I was. I try to move my mouse carefully, but somehow I triggering it to disappear. Please would you tell me exactly how to avoid this. Thank you.


That is apparently normal behavior, but is very troublesome. They tell us to look at the bottom of the main window where you will find the name of the person you were editing. Click the name and the edit person window will appear.

It could be due to your mouse sensitivity too. I am not experiencing this issue unless I actually do click outside of the Edit Person screen to something else.

It happens to me all of the time. The trouble is it seems to happen for no reason. I use two monitors and may have a couple of other programs open. There is no pattern as to what I’m doing when it happens. I cannot repeat it or make it happen. It just happens.

Which operating system?

Last version of Windows 11

Do you use a keyboard with an integrated touchpad? If so, disable it. I’ve occasionally had wonky things happen which were likely caused by grazing the touchpad with the heel of my thumb.

Nope nothing like that, just an ordinary keyboard. How every Occasionally I do use programmable key sticks. I’ll plug one in and see if it causes any problems.

I occasionally have the same problem with the Edit Person window suddenly becoming hidden or not visible (whatever). I have windows 10 with an SSD and an external monitor connected to my laptop. I don’t know if any of that is important. I know exactly how I can cause it, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen every time, in fact only seldom. It happens when I move my mouse cursor up and to the right in the window. No buttons are pressed, just moving the mouse causes it. As I said, it seldom happens but when it does it is because of the mouse movement. And I do have a touch pad that is disabled when the mouse is connected, so the touch pad is not causing it. The mouse is wireless, not physically attached.

I have the same problem. My setup is very much like cweese, except I have Windows 11 and do not use a touchpad at all–I have a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. The disappearing screen happens several times an hour when I am using the person edit screen. The screen reappears when I click on the RootsMagic icon at the bottom of the screen (is that the icon tray? taskbar?).
It is quite annoying. I hope it can be fixed.

Windows 10. I do not have a touchscreen so that’s good. I have found that I can get my screen back “sometimes” by clicking on that person in the bottom left hand corner. However, sometimes, I cannot. Many times when I am attaching a photo and something goes wrong, I have to minimize the second split screen and then my media enter screen in RootsMagic reappears. Things seem very tedious to say the least.

Windows 11 - Lately I’ve been experiencing a window being unexpectedly being minimized in several applications. A window disappears if my mouse is then on another existing open window. There must be a Windows 11 setting that has changed related to the mouse/cursor location

I too am experiencing the disappearing ‘edit person’ screen.
However, it does seem to occur when the mouse pointer is transitting diagonally across the screen from the bottom left to the top right on the laptop monitor. If this is a mouse sensitivity issue, RM programmers need to fix it.
I use 3 monitors, a 26" on the left, my laptop’s 15" screen in the centre and a 24" on the right, so my mouse sensitivity has got to stay as it is.

Also, I am not touching my touchpad. So we can discount that possibility.

I have discovered that the screen is not closed, but is minimised and restoring it is affected by just clicking the person’s name showing at the bottom left of the remaining screen.


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