Deleting user-created source type templates

I imported several user-created source type templates that I decided not to use. I’d like to delete them from the list of possible templates so that I do not accidentally use them. They are on the list that displays when I click on the “+” to add a new source. They are not in the “sources” display, where there is the 3-dot menu and delete option. I’ve uploaded a screen capture that shows the templates I’d like to delete – the ones after Free Form and before Ancestral File.

I am trying to avoid a clean install of RM9, but can do that if there is no other way.
User Created Source Type

It looks like your screen shot is from an Add Source dialog. So backup to the main Sources tab and then do a 3 Dot => Source Template List. From there you can select a source template that you have added and delete it. There will be boxes for Add, Edit, Delete, Export, Import, and Copy. Simply select the Delete box. I can tell you are in the Add Source dialog because your only two boxes are Favorites and Recent.

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Excellent! That is what I was missing.