Cursor randomly disappears when running RM 9

Cursor randomly disappears when running RM 9. I’m running Windows 11 on an Core i5 Acer computer. This issue doesn’t happen when I am not running RM 9.

is it possible related to mouse movements? Are you using one or multiple monitors?

I use to have the cursor disappear randomly on my older computers ( before replacing them)-- it was the same computer as I am running now BUT I was running Windows 10 and earlier— only way to get cursor back was a cold boot-- don’t remember if it happened in RM 9-- it was random…

At the time I think I was using a mouse that was NOT plugged into the hard drive— BUT not 100 % sure…

I also had a problem with my mouse changing from right click to left click on it’s own— turns out that had something to do with hubby synching his laptop and my computer together ( even though he used right click also)…

So check your mouse settings and possible what you are synched to-- and maybe it’s just time for a new mouse??? one that is hard wired??

When using alr or some of keyboard, mouse and/or touchpad? And do you mean the mouse pointer or the vertical text-entry cursor?

Try wired mouse/change batteries in mouse.

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yes I changed to a wired mouse and then a new computer-- no problems since–changing batteries never worked in the unwired one as it would happen again even after a new set-- was just using these as an example of why the OP MIGHT be having problems–THANKS

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