Help with RM9 new feature

Can anyone help remove a new feature with RM9 that is causing my RM window to suddenly to shrink in size with a simple click of the mouse…when I did not want it to?

Not sure what feature you are referring to. We need more details or steps to follow what is happening.

The RM windows are suddenly shrinking in size? The size depends on were the mouse is? I have noticed the mouse is horizontal rather than a normal mouse.
I want to find a setting that will stop this from happening?

There is no setting because this isn’t a RM issue.

Mice generally are horizontal, so can we assume you are talking about the mouse pointer and not the mouse? I would first off suggest looking at the disability settings on your computer as well as the mouse settings. You may also want to change batteries in your mouse if it is wireless.

are you on Windows or a Mac and what version? Windows 11 has a snap feature where it will shrink the windows-- when you hover over the minimize / maximize button-it show you the different layouts available

If you have several windows open–sometimes when you drag a window to the top of the screen, it will resize the windows…

If you think this Might be the problem-- go to Settings ( for Windows) then System then Multi-Tasking way down page and you can turn Snap off…