RM 8 -Side Menu

I wish there was a way to move the left-side menu back to the top where it was in RM 7. This would allow the window to be narrower so I can have 2 windows open on my desktop. The new interface seems very wide and the text much smaller.

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You might want to watch the new webinar that came out today. Bruce kind of addressed the reasoning for the side menu bar. His explanation is something that I don’t agree with but it is too late to change.

Thanks for the suggestion. My earphone jack doesn’t work so I’ve put off the webinar until my hubby is out of the house.

You might have to send him to the store for milk, and tell him to take the long way. The webinar is only 30 minutes or so.

If you mean the left-side menu with Home, File, People, Places, etc., it can at least be minimized (icons only, no words). Just click the little left-pointing arrow at the top of the left-side menu. Hopefully this gives you enough room for your side-by-side windows.