Creating a file

When I create my RootsMagic file, is it ok to use one database for my whole family etc.(maternal and paternal etc) or do I need to create a separate RootsMagic file for each.

Thank you

Suzette, it is entirely up to you - there is no right or wrong, just choose the method that best suits you. I would personally include both. RootsMagic doesn’t need to be used, or require you to use it in a particular way. Go with what you decide.

Most experienced RM users recommend keeping a single database rather than separate databases for your father’s line and your mother’s line, or different databases for your line and your spouse’s line. But there can be good and valid reasons for separate databases. You need to do whatever best meets your needs. Make your own decision, and don’t stress out over the decision very much.

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Keep in mind you can maintain one master db with both side and then provide only select branch / line of people if / when needed. As other have said you can maintain separate ones if for some reason there is a need. You did not mention a reason or need to keep them separate – so therefore with out additional info it would be best to maintain one database.


Thank you everyone for your inputs.

Kevin, I was just wanting to know what would be the best way to start my database. There is no reason or need, just curious…