CountyCheck Report

Last week I ran the CountyCheck Report, and I understood the setup, and got a beautiful report. Today I went to run another report and the input format has changed radically, and I don’t know what to input where . BTW, the screen grab of the original report is on page 224 of the new RM9 Manual .

Can you post a screen shot of what looks different now? I don’t recall any changes being made to the CountyCheck report in RM9. It has the same options as RM7 did.

Sorry about the photo, I had to use my camera.

Sorry. Hardware is MacBook Air M1, 256 hard drive.

The screen showing is the CountyCheck Explorer where you can looking when a county, state or country was created, etc. If you want the CountyCheck report go to Publish, All reports and charts, to select CountyCheck.

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