Corrupted data after importing from Legacy 9 to RM8.0.4

Long time Legacy user and looking at RM8 as a possible replacement.
Attempted to perform a direct import of Legacy 9 into RM8 results ins a lot of data corruptions.
I am finding random entries under many individuals as media files. When I click on the media files, I am seeing reference to a non existent file with the name “lf.jpg” No preceding folder location is specified in some cases multiple times for a particular individual and elsewhere as a random single file under other people.

Go back to Legacy and export a GEDCOM. Open it in a text viewer and search for lf.jpg

I have already done that and quite correctly no such file exists in the gedcom of that name and no file of that name exists anywhere in the Legacy system.

I suspect this is a corruption within RM8 that is incorrectly generating this.

Search for Annie Spencer and see what the media filenames are ~supposed~ to be. Perhaps there’s an ‘l’ and an “f” in the filename? You’ve got captions to work with. Did other media for her make it alright?

There are only 2 valid media attachments for that person - Annie ( she is not a Spencer).
The 2 marked as lf.jpg are invalid and should not be present.
There is an unrelated person (a Spencer) who does have a media file with the description of the “Origin of the Spencer name” and the filename reported in his media attachment is also lf.jpg which is also wrong. The correct name is "Origin of Spencer name.pdf ".

The import of Legacy 9 into RM8 is screwed up and the resultant data is very badly corrupted.

The data on the Legacy side is entirely correct and was validated ahead of the import to ensure that all links were correct.

My reason for wanting off Legacy is that it used an entirely unsupported version of the ancient Microsoft Jet engine which is long since gone but Legacy continues to hang on to it.

I have reported this to the RM folk but so far no response.
Right now , I have little confidence in RM8 . If the resultant imported data cannot be 100% guaranteed to to be accurate then it becomes pretty much useless.

That coupled with attempting to view Media from the left hand side bar and then scrolling down the list - is pretty much assured to cause the program to hang. I end up having to use Task Manager to “End the Task”.