Import from Legacy 9 to RM 8.0.4 - " media file not found"

Installed RM 8.0.4.
Copied Legacy media folder into RM8/media. So keeping existing Legacy files completely separate.
Went into RM8 Settings - Folder Settings and set the media location to D:\RM8\media.
Completed the import of Legacy 9 database into RM8.
Went to view a person and it indicated 5 media files.
Clicked on one and it reports ‘media file not found’ and shows the location of the file as being [default media folder]\xxx.jpg Not the most useful message.

I assume that the reference to “default media folder” is to the media location that I had previously set in the Settings - Folder Settings i.e. D:\RM8\media

If I then edit [default media folder]\xxx.jpg to D:\rm8\media\xxx.jpg, it then works but I am not going to be manually changing every reference to specify the file location - when it is already set correctly in Folder Settings.

That folder contains 20k jpegs etc .

Any clues as to why those files are not being found by RM8 despite being in the folder set in Settings - Folder Settings?

I did report the issue to the RM folk but never received a response.