Cleared everyone from changed list by mistake

can you undo cleared everyone from changed list


No undo that I am aware of, but you can customize the people list to show date last edited and sort on that column. It might help jog your memory of who might have been on that list.

which changed list are you referring to? Family Search/ Ancestry etc?
neither can be done via RM interface if understand what you mean.
The two options would be restore from backup – or if you SQL are sufficient you might be able to perform an update Qry to current RM db based on table results from an older RM file/backup that would get you close. (understanding the risk and making sure have multiple backup of both files before even think about attempting)

i’m talking about the Publish/Ancestry treeshare area.

somewhat ambiguous as what you mean by “undo Cleared”.
TreeShare by design is not like sync with FTM.

I do not believe there is a way to do this with RM interface – I might be wrong but none of the options:

  • upload a new tree
  • Download

Outside of RM

  • Possible SQL solutions – not sure how you would about that – and potential risks involved

I assume you are referring to this list basically.

I believe restoring a backup will restore the changed list to what it was. Try that.

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