City chances after transfer to Roots Magic 9

I don’t know what happened. After upgrading from RM 8 to Rm9, I found this major problem. All my people’s vital records had been changed. Just the city entery had been changed a single city that was wrong. Many of the people had never lived in that city including myself. Now, I have to go to every person to correct. I fortunately have the correct information written down and Ancestry tree to compare data.
Very aggravating.
How did this happen?
Is there a way to correct this? I can’t seem to go back to RM8 to compare entries.

Could you use the Places menu replace one place name with another and also gecode entries?

By default, the transition from RM8 to RM9 converts your RM8 database into an RM9 database that can no longer be read by RM8. It’s very different than the transition from RM7 to RM8 where RM8 simply imports the RM7 database and otherwise it leaves the RM7 database intact.

Unless you have a recent backup of your RM8 database from before you converted to RM9, there is not a way back to your RM8 data as of the date that you installed RM9. It’s a little late at this point, but the best way to go from RM8 to RM9 is to make a copy of your RM8 database and let the copy be the database that is converted to RM9. That way your RM8 database is still intact.

I can’t picture what happened to make your place entry wrong, but is it possible that you could just change it once in the Place list instead of changing for each person? Whether you could do it that way or not depends on whether all instances of this place are wrong or whether just some of the instances of this place are wrong.

Possible merging incorrect places together or renaming the place name. Otherwise, just converting a RM8 database to RM9 wouldn’t do this.

The city entries were not new. They were correct in RM7 and RM8. Also, I back-up my database every time after use. I can’t understand this issue,

Unfortunately, not because the city entries are different. I will have to compare vital stat entries with tree and my Family group sheets. Not all people are affected.

I have updated to new versions of RM many times before. But this time I found this issue. I never had these issues when the updated version was on a CD. This update was from Roots Tech.
I will not be so quick to upadate RM in the future.

Any chance, you would have an older RM 7 copy that you could compare it to?

Even a very old one would be better than nothing…

BTW-- is your new RM 9 file backing up in RM 8 ( as an RM 8 file)?–which is what mine was doing before I made a few changes

worth looking at what files you have in your RM 8 and RM 7 folder

Open a support ticket and include the RM8 backup made before converting it in RM9. Tell us which location changed on you so we can compare.

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unfortunately, RM8 does not show up on my C drive. That is part of the issue. I am using my tree to update and add to my people.

Some would say that is part of the issue.

However, Renee asked for a backup from RM8, which you should have regardless of whether RM8 is installed at this time. You should always make backups before changing versions. The only way for RM8 to not be on your computer would be if you removed it after the switch.

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The only message I received was that it needed to convert the file before RM9 could be downloaded. I still have RM7 on my computer but it doesn’t have all the info on it. When I use my short cut for RM8, I get a message that I have to " upgrade my copy" before I can see RM8. I have no idea what that means. I have an external drive with RM8 on it, but again it doesn’t have all the data on it. Don’t misunderstand me. I also have Family group sheets with my info on them. I had used Ancestry’s ability to look for records to enter in RM. I have used Ancestry records only to validate my research. I use RM to organize my research.

No, not downloaded. The program was already downloaded and installed or you wouldn’t have been told you needed to convert your file. What you are seeing when you try to open RM 8 isn’t an upgrade message. It is trying to open your former RM8 file which has now been converted to a RM9 file, and it can’t do that. Now the question is did you actually make a backup file in RM8 before you opened the file in RM9? If not, then you have problems. If you did create a backup, then it can be restored (or sent to RM as requested).

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Most of my people’s information is correct in RM9 after reviewing mote data. I was in the process of reviewing, comparing, and editing data for a family reunion document. I don’t know what happened to the conversion of the files. I always back up my data after every use. I followed the installation instructions. No other issues found in the data on RM9. I have printed info and if necessary RM7. But I won’t need it. I was in the process of comparing facts/ data entries between RM8 now RM9 and what’s in So, I will call this a “glitch “ with the idea that I will never know why. Like life. I appreciate all the responses from the community. It was check on what RM9 issues were out there. Just happy it was a solvable problem.

Thanks for sharing. Excellent heads up reminder. I have RM 7, 8 and 9 on my computer. I’m a Microsoft person every since I left C/PM. I do use an IPad.

In my computer’s C:Programs(x86) folder, I see the sub folders for RM 7, 8 and 9. Evidently in 2003, I created a C:Genealogy folder. In that I see folders called RM4, RM8 and RM9. Those contain data files. C:Genealogy is also where my RM publications and backups are located. I vaguely remember getting nervous with the switch from 7 to 8 and thought it was a good idea to create new folders for each version and point the defaults in that direction. I have another folder C:GenPics for my media. These start with folders for each of my databases, which is a pain if I am jumping around with different databases and have to change the default media path etc. And yes I created a backup sub folder for each version of RM.

Perhaps not the best way, but why change now:)


Thanks for the advice