Choosing Source Templates for Citations

I’m new to using source templates. Some source templates seem fairly obvious, but others are difficult. Is there a resource that would help? My current difficulty is matching the United States Western States Marriage Index with a template. If it were a state index the Vital Records (State Level, Online Derivatives) seems a good choice, but it wants a “State” that compiled the records, which doesn’t exist with a multi-state index.

Just enter “Various”

There is not always going to be a suitable template for every source you find. Sometimes to have to go free form or copy one close to what you need and modify it a bit. You might want to look at one called ‘Basic Online Template’ consider altering the one that you mentioned.

The Basic Online Template is the one I use most of the time. In fact, I’m gradually changing to that from any others I used in the past - very flexible, and using it keeps your templates very consistent.
But if you’re a devoted user of EE-type citations you probably won’t like it

Basic online looks like a good standard form. FTM is much more rigid about templates. My goal for sources…citations is the simplest possible trail of breadcrumbs back to the item. EE type inflexibility seems silly but I print few reports.

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“Simplest possible trail of breadcrumbs” - love it!