List of User/Custom Source Templates

I have been looking for a list of user or custom Templates such as found at the link below
However – the list is very limited – was looking to adapt one vs writing from scratch.
I do not like most of the built-in ones in RM for my needs. They either have too much or too like info for one I am looking.

#22 was actually “perfect” for example for what I was looking for. (Find a Grave)
I need similar for Birth, Death, Marr , Census and so on.

Maybe there is other non-RM site someone can suggest.

User list of Templates
(I believe there is one also for 9 but I can’t find it right now)

RM9 list hasn’t changed.
RM9 UserSourceTemplates

Thanks – I thought it was the same – but I guess hopefully some will offer additional info or I will have to build mine from scratch as I am looking for Goldilocks

Have you just tried googling custom genealogy source templates or custom genealogy source citation templates to see what comes up-- both had at least one that looked interesting to me BUT you might have to have a paid account…

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Best option is to start from something that is close and edit it. That’s what I’ve done with some of those UK templates and you’ll get exactly what you want.

I ended building with one from scratch as I did not find one that was close (enough). Once I did I have been adapting for other “fact/sources”.