Birth Certificate, state level Missing

I think there is suppose to be an option for Birth Certificate, state level for a source. It is missing for me. Birth Certificate, local level is available.

Nope, both RM8 and RM7 offer templates for:
-Birth Certificate, local level
-Birth Registration, local level
-Birth Registration, state level

Why Registration at state level, but not Certificate?

Presumably templates come from that lady famous for the book about designing genealogy templates.

Thanks for letting me know it was like that in RM7 and everyone just has those three. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I can use local level.

While not listed as a Birth Certificate or Birth Registration source template, the “Vital Records (state, certificates)” in RM 8 and 7 is an appropriate source template to use.

Vital Records (state, certificates)
Birth, Death, Marriage certificates; jurisdiction & agency as lead elements

Ref: [EE, QC-9, p 430]

Just a suggestion. However, you can also create a template to list as Birth Certificate, state level, if you choose to go that route as well.

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Famous Lady=Elizabeth Shown Mills!

The absence of this or that template is because RM Inc commissioned a consultant to distill the thousands of citation guides from the likes of ESM and others down to a significant subset of a few hundred and craft the “source wizard” templates we have now. His name eludes me atm, and his many thoughtful contributions to the RootsMagic User community are now lost to us because RM Inc has shut down the Forums.

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Did she only write it for the USA because other countries have state birth certificates?