Crafting that Special Certificate

First, I’m hoping I’m in the right forum.
I’m new to RM. I’ve been trying to craft a source for Death Certificates. But , I’m having difficulties of WHERE and WHAT to enter in the correct field, ie, “source text”…especially if I pasted the transcription there… that would change for all those using the source.

Thanks for any assistance,

You appear to have realized that the top two sections have alternate colored warnings that entries made in that section will be a part of citations associated with that Master Source (Name/Agency/Repository/ETC.)
ALL Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia - 1906-1968 - death certificates
That will work just fine as you have entered things currently. However, someone else may wish to further sub-divide their list of Master Sources to not only reflect the same information you’ve elected , but ALSO differentiate between those that were in each various county, have hardcopy vs. image only, used the pre-1914 death certificate form, the 1914 to 1968 form or the post-1968 form. Or those that have funeral/burial info versus those that do not. Parents listed or not. Blood relatives or not. In hospital or at home, yada yadda. That is where the offered flexibility of those two sections can be availed of. Not entering info in particular blocks just ends any differentiation for Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia - 1906-1968 - death certificates PERIOD (without later REDO). It definitely affects decisions about “lumping” sources at their highest level (“A DEATH CERTIFICATE”) or sub-dividing by jurisdiction or/and other criteria. One can and should create a dummy database of a few folks and experiment with outcomes both onscreen in program and printed/exported.