Change of Fact Type Doesn't Show Immediately in Edit Person screen

This one may have been reported before, but if so I couldn’t find it by searching the archives.

If you change the fact type in RM9’s Edit Person screen, the fact type actually is changed. But the change isn’t shown on the left hand panel of the Edit Person screen. If you close the Edit Person screen and re-open it then you can see that the change has taken place. The bug is simply that the change in fact type doesn’t trigger an update of the left hand panel.

The update of the changed fact type is immediately visible in RM7.

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I have seen that one before – or very similar --such as entering a year and/or place on a fact and it not updating sometimes – but the 2nd does not save at all and need to be re-entered - -seems to happen if you move between windows and then move back

Yup, it has. Same old answer. You say the fact type “actually is changed” but it’s really not UNTIL the Save (checkmark icon) button is clicked or user clicks back to the left pane. (or user presses Esc key or clicks X to close window)

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You are correct, sir! You don’t have to exit Edit Person and enter again. You can click the Save Checkmark or click in the left panel and the change is saved AND appears on the Edit Person screen at that point. I’m sure I knew that and forgot. Much thanks.

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Did you click the Save button after changing the fact type? Once I click Save the main panel on the Edit Person screen updated.

Same here. The Save button solves the problem - false alarm on my part.