Bug in Source Templates

I just spent a couple of hours chasing down what I thought were formatting and/or data entry errors in Footnotes, Short footnotes and Bibliographies - to finally discover there is a formatting bug in the program.
Every place I used an URL as part of the text in one of the templates the double slashes // in the URL were changed to single slash / in the preview and narrative report. If the URL is entered as a field, it is OK. For example:
FamilySeach (https://www.familysearch.org : [Atype] [Adate]) is printed FamilySearch (https:/www.familysearch.org : [Atype] [Adate]).
This is consistent in the over 100 source/citations I have check thus far.
Reported to RM.

I must admit that I’m not seeing this Cwhermann28 - the sources where I have a URL are showing with the double //.

I’ve looked at a few templates (1. Civil Registrations, England, online databases, 2. Website with multiple databases, and 3. Church Records, Parish Registers, UK online image copies) so I’m wondering if it is a particular template where you notice this issue occurring, or is it across a range?

I only see it where the URL is part of the text in the template. For example I have a template for BillionGraves, where the only fields entered are the person, birth, death, memorial number.
I also have a couple of hundred deed records all from FamilySearch so I created a template specific to FamilySearch where the URL is part of the text and does not have to be entered each time. In these types of templates, the sentence does not match the template. I have been through about 1/3 of my master sources and it is consistent in every template where the URL is part of the text and not entered as a field.

If the URL is entered as a field in the template then it works fine.

I will attempt to create an image to post.

From the RM8 Help Wiki for Source Template Language Escape Characters

If you ever want to write an actual <, >, /, [, or ] in your sentence, you must precede it by a “/”. This tells RootsMagic that to print the following character and to not treat it as a switch or a field.

This means to get a // to print you must use /// in the language.


Don’t feel to bad about missing the documentation on this one. RootsMagic has the same problem with their Ancestry Member Tree template in both RM7 and RM8.