Possible fault in templates for URLs in RM8

If I want a default URL in a footnote or bibliography e.g. https://www.findmypast.co.uk, to get it displayed I have to put https:///www.findmypast.co.uk in the template - i.e. 3 slashes instead of 2.
If I put https://www.findmypast.co.uk in the template, it displays as https:/www.findmypast.co.uk - i.e. 1 slash instead of 2.

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Hi @WMO this is not a fault. From the RootsMagic wiki:
If you ever want to write an actual <, >, /, [, or ] in your sentence, you must precede it by a β€œ/”. This tells RootsMagic that to print the following character and to not treat it as a switch or a field. For example:
[Person] /[This is in brackets/]. would print: John Doe [This is in brackets].

This is because <, >, /, [, and ] are special characters in the source template, that tell the program to do something special. In particular, the β€˜/’ is a formatting character.

So in the case of https:// the first β€˜/’ is the escape character telling RM to print the second β€˜/’, therefore you only see https:/. So it is correct to get https:// that you would need to write https:/// in the source template.

For more information see the RM wiki here Escape Characters

Hi, This subject is partially a problem I have, RM defaults the URL for Find My Past to (.com) the American site, instead of (.co.uk), except when logging out I am being told I should be using the United Kingdom site, From what has been advised is there a way of applying something similar to change the URL.

For Ancestry, RM provides the ability to set which Ancestry site is accessed. RM8 clearly needs similar options, where appropriate, for the other webhint sites. I suggest you feed this back to RM but also create a separate topic here where the subject is more appropriate.

Thank you JP1, I have just attempted to send my query and explanation to the Development Team.

Actually I think you have to do http://// (4 forward slashes) because you have to escape both of them /'s that you want to actually print.

Thank you, Chris, for directing me to this part of the wiki which I had not seen.
Kfunk - In theory, yes, but in practice, no - I type in /// to get //. I don’t know why - but as long as I have something that works, then I’ll go along with it.
Thanks again, WMO