Square Bracket around the [ URL ] vs just URL

Then I transfer my source to Wikitree I have to remove the “[ ]” to get the URL to show up.
Is there a reason that it is used in RootsMagic?

What sources are you getting [] in? I think most of the default templates in RM use () and they do so in part because those templates lean heavily on the Elizabeth Shown Mills book, Evidence Explained.

I go into a person’s record and select the fact (mainly Census) then copy the footnote.

Footnote: 1920, California, United States, population schedule, United States Census, 1920 > California > Los Angeles > Inglewood > 61, enumeration district (ED) 61, Image 3 of 14, Sheet 2A Line 3, 27, 30, Joseph McGue Slatter; database with digital images, familysearch.com ; [FamilySearch: Sign In] : Viewed 12 April 2021); National Archives, Washington, D.C…

The URL has the brackets.
If I copy it to Wikitree, the source shows
FamilySearch.com; [1]: Viewed” - the [1] is a link.
without the brackets
FamilySearch.com; FamilySearch: Sign In Viewed – the URL shows as an underlined link.

OK - I guess the question should be, How do I enter a URL so it will show the whole long URL and not a short link?

Looks to me like you copied that directly from FamilySearch and pasted it into a free form citation. That doesn’t look to be RM doing anything to your citation. Or your created your own template…

I created a custom template but did not change any of the source info.

Then you are going to need to alter your template accordingly, this isn’t a RM issue. You have full control over how your template displays.

I know it was not a RootsMagic issue. I was wondering what the Brackets did in RootsMagic. And what is the best way to format my URL?