2 URLs in a template

I’m trying to create a template with 2 separate urls. I’m assuming it can be done, but I’m not getting it figured out. I’ve tried different names for the field with no luck. Any direction here? Thanks.

Post an example of the sentences generated for a Citation. You have yet to describe what doesn’t work.

I can’t get the 2nd Url to come through. It just shows as [URLA].

<[Author], >“[Article],”< [ItemType],> <[PubPlace]|[Newspaper]>, [IssueDate]<, [SpecificContent]>;< [Type],> [Website] ([URL] : <[AccessType]|accessed> [AccessDate])<, [URLA]><. [Annotation]>.


“[Article]<?[SpecificContent]|,” [SpecificContent].|."><, [URLA]>.

I believe you are missing the < before the [URLA] in the first sentence.

Post an example of the sentence from a Citation using the template, not the template. I suspect that you have been looking at a Citation that was created before you revised the template to add the URLA. When RM cannot find in the Citation data a field called for in the sentence template, it outputs the field name, just as you describe. Why? I suspect it is a holdover from the pre-release period for Source Templates, i.e. 2009 or earlier, when it might have been handy for testing. Now it’s just a nuisance and you are not going to be happy with the fix. You will have to edit every Citation using the template and ‘touch’ the URLA field to actually add a link or to force the Edit Citation dialog to at least add the XML tag for that field even if its value is empty.

Footnote: Buffalo Bulletin, “Robert Brock,” Obituary, Buffalo, Wyoming, 9 June 2021, Robert Brock Obituary; Online, Buffalobulletin.com (http://www.buffalobulletin.com : Viewed Online 5 April 2023), [URLA].

Short footnote: “Robert Brock,” Robert Brock Obituary., [URLA].

It could be that the template I started with is older. I have used this particular template only once because I won’t use it if it doesn’t work. I thought it might be handy if it does.

As I suspected. Now edit that citation to force it be saved afresh and then review the sentence outputted for it.

I had done that before with no results. This time it worked - i reckon I did something different. Thanks for your help.