Automatically add a source with a keyword to a repository?

Hello, seems far-fetched but maybe someone has an idea for this, is there any way to automatically add a source with a specific keyword (such as FamilySearch) into a repository so i dont have to add it to the repo. each time, i know it seems lazy but during my workflow, i will be adding 20+ sources at a time to various people, then when i go to add repos. to all of them i have to click through each one and find the ones without repos., this is a mundane, time-consuming task. So is there a way to have a “rule” of some sort that when a source in the citation says “FamilySearch” it will automatically add that source that has the name “FamilySearch” in it to the designated FamilySearch repository i made? If this is not possible then that could be a handy, small QOL feature being rules which would allow for a specfic keyword to be automatically added to a repository. Thanks!

QOL? Quality of life?

Or did you mean SQL, which is the only way to do it currently and thats outside RM.

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Sorry- QOL as in Quality of Life

At one time, I used the repository feature for web sites,. I no longer bother.
I’d reconsider the work vs the return for that kind of task.

Yeah fair enough, worst case scenario someone doesn’t know the repo immediately and has to just look at the source, very simple way to find out