Auto Merge Places

It would be helpful to have an “Auto Merge Places” Tool to merge all places with the same name.


Surely you can only have one place with the same name? If you have different spellings or variations of county, country etc. that is a different matter, but auto merge would not be helpful in those circumstances as you would need to decide which were the same, not relying on a tool to get it right.

It seems that when you transfer in from FamilySearch and Ancestry you get whatever is in there. After cleaning up those records, I could have 2 or more with the exact same name. I had over 12000 places, after using the SQL agent, I had 9053. I know how to use SQL, but many users do not. Just thought it would be a good tool to have.

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I agree, it would be very helpful. I frequently have to manually merge places after importing from FamilySearch.