Angle brackets not recognised

I am adding a new field to a source template, and have done so before successfully. However suddenly using angle brackets does not work, ie. using <address [address]> displays as such in the footnotes when the address field is empty.

Can you give us a screen shot of the source template screen, so we can see the names of the fields and the footnote template.

Open an exusting citation that is showing the problem.
Go to the field that is empty but is showing up in the footnote.
Add some temporary text to that field. Close the citation.
Confirm that the footnote is as expected.
Now go and delete the temporary text from the field.
Did that fix the footnote?

Yes, the actions you describe does clear the problem having tried this already, but only in the citation in which this procedure is carried out. So I would have to do this for every use of the citation.

If you had modified the source template after those citations were created then the answer is yes.

I have a utility that will fix it for every citation/source.
Look for “ChangeSourceTemplate” near the bottom at:

Download the zip and read the readme file.
You can DM me for help.

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