Android app or downloads in the US

Hello. I have browsed past posts regarding Android users and don’t see what I’m looking for. I’m in the US and do not see any app or downloads for RM anywhere. The solutions I have read seem to involve a lot of gymnastics or privacy compromises. Are there any plans for RM to appear in the Google Play Store for Android users? Please please make this available to us. Thank you.

The RM App for Android has been retired. We have no details on when or if it will be replaced. The RM App for iOS is still available.

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MyRootsMagic might work for what you need. Or you could also use RM to build and HTML Site form RM and store files either local or in cloud (or host site)

Thanks. I’m not finding anything called MyRootsMagic.

Thank you. I sure hope they pick it back up again. We really need it.

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