Ancestry web hints

I will start out as a question, although it may end as a feature request.
When clicking on Web Hints for an individual, it says ‘To see Ancestry hints, do Publish > Ancestry and sign in to Ancestry’. Doing so, the Ancestry choice is Ancestry TreeShare. Logging in there, takes you to a long wait while it collects changes. I can’t do anything until it finishes. All I want to do at the time, is to be able to see web hints on Ancestry.

Then skip RM altogether. Access your Ancestry Tree with your browser and review the hints there. Next time you get on RM and the TreeShared database, the status of Ancestry WebHints will update to the same as on Ancestry itself and TreeShare Compare will tell you what you’ve changed on the Ancestry Tree that you can then bring down to your RM database.

There is a known problem with RM9’s automatic logon to Ancestry. The other option aside from skipping RM altogether is to logon to Ancestry when you first start RM9. Then you can use WebHints without additional logons until the next time you start up RM9, at which point you will need to logon again. But you don’t need to logon for each hint. You just need to logon once per RM9 session.

As far as feature requests, whether or not the problem with automatic logon to Ancestry is fixed, I would wish for a logon to Ancestry that just logs on and which does not collect changes. I would also wish for an Ancestry icon that works like the FamilySearch icon and goes straight to the person in Ancestry without collecting changes or any further ado. If you have connected your RM database and your Ancestry tree, pretty much everybody in your RM database should be matched to your Ancestry tree already.

I will put this in as a feature request, to be able to login to Ancestry, without opening TreeShare. There are are times when I just want to check on a single individual, and see there are web hints available. If I am going to spend a lot of time in RM, then I don’t mind the long wait to collect changes in TreeShare.

There is no known problem with automatic login. We removed this feature because we had to. If you want to jump from your RM person to the Ancestry person online highlight them in RM and then under the People page 3 dot menu select “Jump to Ancestry”.

The impression given has been that this was a temporary situation. Is that no longer the case?

No the decision was made to remove it.